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Smile Makeovers Leicester

Smile Makeovers Leicester

A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance of the smile through cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as:

  • Dental Veneers
  • Dental Crowns
  • Composite bonding
  • Tooth implants
  • Teeth whitening

Smile makeovers are performed for many reasons and customised according to your expectations.

What Will Your Dentist Examine Before A Smile Makeover?

What is it that you like or dislike about your smile or your teeth? Some aspects of your smile that our cosmetic dentist will review with you and that could be improved include the following:

Tooth Colour

Silver or amalgam dental fillings can be replaced with natural, tooth-coloured composite restorations. Teeth whitening can improve the colour of stained or dulled teeth. Tooth colour and shading are important to consider during the preparation for various procedures, including porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, composite bonding and dental implants.

When considering the colour of your teeth, keep in mind that dark or discoloured teeth may suggest an aged mouth. A well-shaped smile comprised of bright, white teeth lends to a youthful appearance. The shade your dentist selects for teeth whitening and veneers is carefully evaluated. Special consideration is given to the tone and colour of your face and hair. Cosmetic dentists are skilled at finding the right balance between providing you with a brighter, whiter smile and maintaining a natural tooth colour.

Alignment and Spacing

Teeth that are crooked, overlapping or have gaps between them, can be straightened and aligned through orthodontics and improved with veneers.

Missing Teeth

One or more missing teeth can negatively affect the appearance of your smile. Missing teeth can affect your bite and increase your risk for tooth decay. This makes replacement an integral part of oral health and facial aesthetics. Missing teeth can be replaced by dental implants, bridges or partial dentures.

Harmony and Balance

Uneven, chipped and cracked teeth can be cosmetically bonded for an improved appearance. A gummy smile can be contoured to help improve the overall look of the smile.

Fuller Lips, Smile and Cheeks

An unshapely or aging face can be improved with certain procedures in the smile makeover category. These include orthodontics and/or oral maxillofacial surgery.

In addition to the colour, alignment and balance of your teeth, there are several attributes of your smile that our cosmetic dentist will evaluate with you. These include:

Tooth Length

Long teeth give a youthful appearance. Aging produces wear and tear that often results in shorter teeth. A gummy smile also can make teeth appear shorter. A treatment for shorter teeth may include reshaping and lengthening the two front central teeth. This can be done with the addition of composite bonding or porcelain veneers.

If you have a gummy smile, your cosmetic dentist may provide treatment to change the gum line and lengthen the appearance of the teeth. This can be done using laser dentistry procedures. You may also be referred to a periodontist for crown lengthening if necessary.

Teeth lengthening may also impact your overall facial appearance. For example, shapely, long, square teeth on a round-faced individual can provide a slimming effect.

Smile Line

The smile line is an imaginary line that follows the edges of your upper teeth from side to side. It ideally should be the same as the curve of your lower lip when you smile. This point of reference may be used to help determine how long your new teeth should be.

Tooth Proportions

Our cosmetic dentist will examine your teeth to determine if they are in correct proportion with each other. Most people recognise a pleasing smile as one in which the two central front teeth are dominant. This proportion guides the length and width of other teeth so the smile line appears balanced.

Tooth Texture and Characterisation

We can characterise your crowns or veneers to create a more feminine or a more masculine appearance. This can be in addition to matching the look and feel of natural teeth or those you’ve seen in photographs.

Do You Need Good Oral Health Before A Smile Makeover?

Your oral health must be checked before developing a plan for your smile makeover. Our dentist will conduct an evaluation of your teeth, gums, underlying support structure and bite (occlusion). Then it will be possible to determine suitability for a smile makeover. If your evaluation reveals that you have an oral health problem, such as a misaligned bite (malocclusion) or gum disease, you will need to have that taken care of first.

What Does The Dentist Use For A Smile Makeover?

At 33 Dental Practice we incorporate a variety of dental technologies to show you the changes that you can expect to see in your smile. For example, during your oral health evaluation for veneers and crowns, our cosmetic dentist may create a wax model mock-up of temporary teeth. This is to accurately communicate the requirements of your procedure to the dental lab technician. Temporaries and wax mock-ups also offer you a preview of the expected outcome. This ensures that you are comfortable with the proposed treatment plan.

Other methods available for you to preview your smile makeover include the following:

Dental Imaging Software

Imaging technologies offer a preview of your results.

Before and After Photos

Before and after photos of other patients who have had smile makeovers. This offer examples of the results you may expect to see.

Dental Study Models

Our dentist may take an impression of your teeth and fill it with plaster to form an exact model of your teeth.

Dental Composite Bonding Mock-up

Dental composite bonding may serve as a mock-up of your smile makeover. The dentist can temporarily bond composite resin material to your teeth so you can see the impact of the procedure before treatment begins. Temporary mock-ups have no lasting impact on your teeth once they are removed.

Our cosmetic dentist will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan, designed to achieve exactly what you want from your makeover.

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COVID-19 update

Many of you will be aware that during the latest Covid 19 update dental practices have been given the green light to re-open the surgery from 8th June. Whilst this is good news, there are a number of procedures that we have being putting in place to make treatment safe for our patients and staff, as we are sure you will appreciate, this is taking some time to set up.

Our intention is, if at all possible to commence opening on the 8th June but this is entirely dependent on our ability to obtain training and appropriate PPE which as you know there is a great shortage of. This equipment will be essential for us to be able to operate.

From 8th- 29th of June we will be prioritising the most urgent of cases including those who have been experiencing problems during this lockdown period. We will contact you directly to arrange an appointment. This period may be extended if required.

Rest assured we are trying our utmost to source this PPE as soon as possible to enable us to extend our treatment further to include fillings, crown/bridge work, root treatments and surgical extractions, scale & polish ect.

We anticipate that it will be several weeks before we will be able to commence these more advanced procedures.

This is a rapidly changing environment which we are adapting to as quickly as we possibly can. We really appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this difficult period and look forward to welcoming you back to the practice soon.

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